Advice Personnel, Inc. Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of Advice Personnel, Inc. This document explains Advice Personnel, Inc.’s policies for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information.

The Information We Collect

Advice Personnel, Inc. collects information by various methods including information actively provided by its lead providers, its customers, and information arising form customer surveys and general feedback.

The types of personal information we collect will depend upon the services you use, how you use them, and what you choose to provide. The types of data we collect directly from you include: name, address, telephone number, email address, and identification information. We may record calls to or from our representatives for purposes of accuracy, performance reviews, and general quality assurance.

How We Use This Information

This information is used to aid in the provision of our various services, including customer service, placement services, and marketing.

Advice Personnel, Inc. may use aggregate or anonymous information for various uses for itself and third parties.

Who We Share This Information With

Advice Personnel, Inc. does not share personal information with any third parties except as disclosed in this policy. Advice Personnel, Inc. may provide personal information to Advice Personnel, Inc. subcontractors and professional advisers (which shall be bound by privacy obligations) to assist Advice Personnel, Inc. uses disclosed herein.