The Talent Connector: Matthew West

The Harvard Business Review recently interviewed 58 CEOs in the healthcare sector, and the words they most used to describe the keys to their organizations’ futures: Change and innovation. What else could it be? As the healthcare system continues evolving and becomes more focused on delivering value, companies need to find new ways to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs. Innovation may be more important to this industry’s success than ever before—and marketers are not exempt from this challenge. Not only should they help find ways to provide more value to customers, but they must also continue to adapt to the ever-changing means by which people communicate. This requires new solutions, Read More

Personal Exchange: Matthew Craig West

Healthcare Marketers Exchange – December 2014

Q: How did you get started in the industry? Who is your mentor? A: Maureen Regan, my mentor and founding partner of McCann Regan Campbell Ward (RCW), is not only responsible for getting me started in the industry, but also has greatly contributed to the professional I am today. Once Maureen saw that I had a knack for hiring, she helped me tap into my passion and ultimately gave me the responsibility of hiring the majority of the company from there on out.

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Med Ad News – Q&A with Matthew West

What do you think is the biggest mistake when an agency is looking for or recruiting talent? One mistake is hiring out of desperation. I’m defining desperation as hiring based on seeing someone, who may not have everything that they’re looking for in the job description. The hiring agency has an immediate need and therefore feels that they have to hire the first person whom they see. That usually never works out. When you’re hiring out of desperation,… Read the full Q&A here.