Lessons From New Hire Failures

By Kevin Roth

“Our new hire didn’t work out. Are any of the other candidates still available?”

– Before we reach out, is there anything you think we need to adjust based on what you just observed?

“No, role is the same.”


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. Don’t put yourself and your team through that.

Before you simply “rinse and repeat” to replace your recent hire, take some time to evaluate WHY they didn’t work out. Consider all of the following:

– Interview Process: Improve your process to better vet out the necessary skills

– Desired Background: Modify your requirements to reflect where this person fell short

– Personality Traits: Identify any intangible red flags to look out for the next time around

When it comes to turnover in a particular role, once is (potentially) a coincidence, but two (or more) is a trend. Don’t risk the latter, as it can be a rough road to recover from when it comes to the overall culture of your team.

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