Less is More

By Kevin Roth

“We have been working with several other recruiting agencies on the search but they are absolutely horrible and just send dozens of resumes that aren’t at all qualified.”

Then why are you still working with them?

Aside from the obvious downside of making your life miserable, there are several MAJOR drawbacks to working with (or multiple) inferior recruiting agencies.

1. Poor pitch of the role and/or company to prospective candidates

– If the agency is this haphazard with you and you’re the client that pays them, think of how they treat the candidate experience

2. Inaccurate information on salary, candidate motivations, etc.

– Any agency that is sending “tons” of resumes to you likely isn’t taking the time to gather critical information and properly vet these individuals. Nothing like getting to the end of a process only to find out the candidate needs a lot more money than you were ever planning on offering!

3. The best agencies don’t want to work with clients who farm their jobs out to every recruiter in their network, especially when those other agencies are admittedly sub-par in their level of service.

– If you’re still going to engage with a terrible agency who smatters you with 50 resumes, odds are they’re going to eventually get lucky with one of those backgrounds. That approach thereby essentially punishes the “better” recruiters for taking their time to vet, screen and qualify a curated group of say 4 or 5 top candidates. At 50 vs 5, I’d say it’s clear who the advantage goes to!

There are plenty of great recruiters out there to choose from. If you are fortunate to find one that you trust and value, stop working with the ones that you don’t!

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