Are Your Expectations Too High?

By Kevin Roth

Your expectations need to be reset if you interview more than 5 pre-vetted (by HR/recruiter) candidates and don’t move any of them forward.

Let’s say you’re out at a party and a friend asks you to take a pic of them (my worst nightmare). You take shots of them from all different angles with different lighting and in front of a few different backdrops. You hand them back the phone, they flip through the 25+ photos and they’re not happy with any of the options.

It’s NOT your fault!

Your friend needs to adjust their expectations.

When going through the hiring manager interview round, meet with all of the candidates before passing judgement. If you don’t like any of the options, spend some time re-evaluating if you’re being realistic or if you’re expectations are off.

Otherwise, you might end up spending your time looking for results that aren’t out there instead of enjoying the party.

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