Don’t Ruin The Candidate Experience

By Kevin Roth

“We really enjoyed meeting with him, but one team member was out of the office so we just need him to come back on-site for another hour.”

– Can we do it on video being that he already saw the office and the rest of the team met him in-person?

“No, it would need to be in person.”

– Why?


There is no reason that your interview process should have multiple on-site meetings.

There are only two CRITICAL reasons for having someone interview in-person:

1. Allow them to see the environment/culture

2. Evaluate how they present themselves and interact in-person

Both of those boxes can and should be checked through one lengthy in-person session with any important parties.

If one member of the hiring team happens to be missing the day the candidate comes in, they should be able to combine their feedback from a video call with others’ impressions of the on-site meeting in order to piece together a well-rounded evaluation of a candidate.

Timing and experience is everything when it comes to landing a candidate in this job market. Don’t miss out!

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