Start New Hires Off on the Right Foot

By Kevin Roth

“Are you all set to start on Monday?”

– Yes, but do you have any idea what time I’m supposed to log on or if there’s anything I need to have prepared? I haven’t received anything from them since signing the offer letter.

Whether it comes from the hiring manager or the HR team, every company should have an onboarding email that gets sent to new hires in the week leading up to their start date.

The days before kicking off a new job are often filled with anxiety, a lot of which stems from uncertainty around what to expect in this new environment surrounded by all new people.

Eliminate that speculation for your new hires by providing a warm and inviting outline of everything they’ll need to know to get started including:

1. What time to log on
2. Any required documentation
3. Dress code
4. Brief overview of day 1

I’m sure we all remember those sleepless nights before our first day at a new school. This is kind of like that, only with more at stake. Let’s make it as easy as possible!

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