Don’t Wait For The Perfect Background

By Kevin Roth

“She only got 7 out of 10 questions right on the quiz so we’re going to have to pass on her.”

– What results are you looking for?

“This test covers everything she would be doing in the role so we’re expecting 10 out of 10.”

– If she already knows how to do everything she’s going to need to do in this role, why would she want to take this job?


The strongest candidates on the job market right now are looking for opportunities that can add to their existing skill set.

Having the “perfect” background and experience for your open role might sound great to you, but what does that do for their career?

Finding someone you like who has 70% of the tools you’re ultimately going to need in the role is a fantastic opportunity to set someone up for a valuable long-term run with your company.

To use a dating analogy, we all think we’d love to date/marry an absolute 10 across every category, but could you really bring enough to the table to keep them (and yourself) happy?

Maybe not.

In many cases, it would likely end up being a much stronger and more rewarding relationship if you found an amazing 7/8 and you bring the final pieces to the puzzle to get them to a 10.

Find a candidate with the missing pieces that your company and team can fill in. You’ll be much happier in the long-term!

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