Don’t Punish Honesty

By Kevin Roth

“Why are you looking to leave your current company”

– I don’t want to say anything negative. It has been a good experience overall, but I’m hoping to find a better environment.

“You can be honest. What are the actual issues.”

– My boss can be overbearing and aggressive at times. I would like a more supportive team.

*Feedback after Interview*

“We’re not going to be moving forward. They spoke negatively about their current employer and it was a turn-off for the team.”

MOST people change jobs due to circumstances that are inherently negative in nature. Stop penalizing candidates for being honest about what’s driving their search.

Instead, listen intently to those reasons in order to determine if your company/team would be a better fit.

Would you stop dating someone because they spoke negatively about their ex? On the contrary, you’d probably just want to make sure you’re not going to cause the same problems.

Bring that same logic to your hiring process!

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