Is Your Interview Process Too Long?

By Kevin Roth

“We keep losing candidates to other opportunities. It should not be this difficult to hire someone entry level.”

– What’s your interview process for this role?

“5 steps: phone call with HR, Zoom with hiring manager, Zoom with other team members, case study, presentation review with leadership.”


While that process sounds absolutely perfect for a management level role, it could use some serious trimming for a more junior position.

You need to tailor your interview process, both in terms of length of time and number to steps, to the level of candidate that you’re hiring.

An entry level role (0-2 years of experience) should take at most 2 weeks and 3 steps to get through an interview process with a strong candidate.

Intangibles outweigh experience when it comes to these types of hires. Between an HR call, a meeting with the hiring manager and (if necessary) a panel with the team, both you and the candidate should know everything they need to know to make a final decision.

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