What are the Difference Makers?

By Kevin Roth

“We’re really looking for this person to be in office at least 3-4 days per week.” – Hiring Manager at a Tech Startup

– You’re going to have a lot of competition from companies offering fully remote work. How can we present this in a way that’s going to make sense?

“Where do I begin…

1. We have an amazing office setup that fosters collaboration and daily/weekly in-person mentoring sessions with cross-functional leaders throughout the organization.

2. The manager that this role reports to is absolutely amazing about spending one-on-one time with everyone on the team and having them shadow him in different meetings he’s having and virtually any area they would want to get exposed to throughout the day.

3. We promote flexible work hours so even though we are in the office, everyone is able to arrange their schedules around the times that are most feasible for them while still getting the benefits of being around the team.

4. We have fully stocked kitchens for breakfast lunch and dinner so employees never have to pay for a meal while they’re here.”


If you are sticking to a hybrid or full-time in-office schedule, these are the types of answers that you should have ready when a candidate wants to understand the reason behind that setup.

Simply sharing that you like having everyone together and you value culture is not enough.

How will the in-person exposure benefit them?

How will your on-site environment set them up for success vs the fully remote options that are out there?

If you don’t have any answers to those two questions, you’re in for a rough ride!

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