What’s Their Motivation?

By Kevin Roth

“I don’t understand how we can’t find any candidates. We’re ramping up aggressively for an IPO, have been exploding in revenue and everyone on the team is being challenged to the maximum!”

If we turned back the clock to 2019, the company referenced above would likely be drowning in highly qualified and highly motivated candidates.

Motivations have changed quite a bit since then and it’s critical for companies to adapt their value proposition and overall expectations to adjust to that market.

Those same candidates who 3-4 years ago would jump at that opportunity are now prioritizing work culture, quality of life and mental health over aggressive growth and endless ambition.

If you find yourself hiring for an emerging growth/startup company, emphasize the aspects of your role and company that will impact the candidate on a more experiential and emotional level. Growth and progression are still key factors, but they’re taking a backseat right now to quality of life.

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