When Hiring, Don’t Forget Our Veterans

By Kevin Roth

With the continued push in hiring for diversity, let’s not forget to group our military veterans in that category.

These heroes bring experience and skills that cannot be taught or trained at any company. Furthermore, they exemplify the highest degree of the top qualities that every hiring manager is hoping for in a dream candidate.

Leadership: They have an inherent ability to lead and a commitment to excellence.

Cool Under Pressure: They know how to face adversity under much more intense circumstances than they’ll ever face in a professional setting.

Moral Fiber: They are built on the principles of loyalty, respect and ethical values.

As a strong manager, you can teach someone Excel. You can train on how to do certain tasks. And you can mentor someone on how to approach certain situations.

You can not teach loyalty. You can’t train instincts. And you certainly can’t simulate the professional development received from serving our country.

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