Don’t Get Too Comfortable!

By Kevin Roth

The most critical time in recruiting a new hire comes AFTER they accept your offer. Don’t get comfortable!

Candidates go through an emotional roller coaster that leaves the station as soon as they sign an offer letter. The next few weeks for them will be filled with anxiety about giving notice, battling counter offers, sadness about leaving colleagues and likely some sense of buyer’s remorse.

It’s on you to help them feel the love and solidify the decision they made to join your team. Need some ideas? Try the following in the weeks leading up to their start date:

• Set up a team Zoom with their future colleagues to get some good vibes going

• Coordinate the delivery of any computer equipment or company swag

• (If appropriate) schedule a quick meet-up to grab a cup of coffee, especially if you haven’t yet met in person

• Do a weekly check-in call to make sure they don’t have any questions before starting, particularly if their start date is more than 2 weeks away

Any combination of the tactics above will help ease the grueling anxiety that most people face when the reality of leaving their job sets in. A little show of effort (and excitement) goes a long way!

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