Is Your Interview Process Efficient?

By Kevin Roth

If you have any intention of landing a top candidate in this market, you need to design an efficient interview process and stick with it!

We’re pre-programmed to focus on tasks that provide the most immediate reward or help avoid an immediate penalty. Although hiring a new employee can have an invaluable impact long-term, pushing back their next interview in order to prioritize a new project at work seems like the better choice.

It’s not!

On a daily basis, we’re hearing from candidates who are pulling out of processes because of the choppiness (and length) of the interview experience. Don’t let that happen to you.

Make sure everyone in the interview process is prepared to block off time when it’s their turn to interview. And yes, that includes the Executive Team.

If someone is adamant about being part of the process, they have to be available when needed. Have them block off 30 minutes, 3 days out of the week for interviews. If they can’t commit to that minimal expectation, they should be the first to recognize that someone else should take their spot.

You don’t need to overhaul your process. All it takes is a little discipline from the hiring team. Make it happen!

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