What’s Your Plan?

By Kevin Roth

Dear Senior Leadership, if you have either already implemented or plan to implement a 4-5 day mandatory office schedule, make sure you have a strategy in place for the employees that you are going to lose.

I received 3 calls yesterday alone from professionals who enjoy everything about their jobs, but are looking to make a move solely because their respective companies are mandating a return to office 5 days/week.

What is your contingency plan as a company?

When that first top performer comes to you and lets you know they’re leaving, how are you going to react?

Are you going to offer them work from home at that point? And when you do, will it already be too late?

If you hold firm to this new policy, are you going to really be able to attract anyone nearly as strong as the person you’re losing?

These type of policy decisions typically get passed down by executive leadership. That said, it’s up to Senior Management to manage upwards and challenge those execs with these situations before something like this is rolled out.

This is an amazing opportunity for companies to adapt and those that do will end up reaping the benefits in terms of the quality of talent they’re able to attract and the rate of retention of those top performers.

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