What’s the Sell?

By Kevin Roth

“We are only going to hire someone who has done this same type of role at the same type of company.”

And what’s the sell for them to join?

If you’re looking to recruit the top of the class, you have to be able to provide a progressive opportunity. The highest performers are not going to leave what they have to go do the same role at another similar company.

So what are your options as a hiring manager?

1. Open up your parameters to attract similarly talented people, but who maybe come from different industries. They’ll be more willing to take a “lateral” move in this case because it gives them exposure to an industry that they would otherwise have trouble getting into.

2. Pursue a slightly more junior candidate who hits all of the other pieces and has the potential to step right into this role. That will provide a clear sell for this top tier candidate while also giving you some runway before they’re knocking on your boss’s door asking for your job.

We often forget that recruiting is a two-way street. If you have any intention of landing that rare superstar candidate, you need to be able to provide them with a clear sell of why this role is right for them just as much as they’ll ultimately need to sell you that they’re right for the job.

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