Interviewing for Culture Fit

By Ai-Mei Zhu

A common factor when individuals are assessing a switch from one company to another is culture. Culture can easily get confused with the “perks” a company offers. As a hiring manager, you must ensure that you are clear on the differences when interviewing.

Not sure how to identify the best culture fit for the team?

Start by accessing the company’s values, and more specifically, the values of that team. Examples of this include collaboration style and ability to socialize as a group outside of work. The list goes on and on.

Some key points to think about as a Hiring Manager:

  • What management style will bring out the best in them? If they need a hands-on manager, and you know the team works more autonomously, it may not be the right fit.
  • What is their working style? Do they enjoy working alone or in a group with other members? Are they collaborative by nature? Make sure that aligns with the team they will be working with.
  • Do they enjoy having friends at work or do they prefer to come in, do their job and leave? Will that fit with the habits of your current staff.

Even if the candidate has the perfect skill set, a difference in cultural values can hinder their long term success with your company. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire someone with different ideas and approaches to their role. Just make sure they will be comfortable with how your team operates overall. For a lasting hire, identify candidates who would enjoy and thrive in your company’s culture.

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