Interviewing is a Two Way Street

By Aaron Greenberg

In any economic market hiring top talent is challenging. It’s no secret that human capital is the most important factor that drives the best performing organizations. Much time and effort is spent on identifying these professionals and setting up interviews.

All too often, not as much attention is spent on presenting the compelling story of why a professional should be attracted to your organization for the unique role that you are recruiting for. It’s so important to be prepared to present an honest and attractive picture of why a candidate would want to be part of your organization. Every company should be able to reflect, develop and present their unique narrative in a manner that will attract the candidate that is right for your organization.

Be prepared to answer the questions that are important to the prospective candidate:

  • What is your company’s history, mission, and vision?
  • What is your company trying to achieve and how will this candidate fit into this plan?
  • What is the growth potential? How will this role add value to the company’s plan and how can it position the candidate for future growth?

Share success stories of past hires.

Bottom line, it’s a two way street. Your corporate culture can attract talent or repel talent. This should be top of mind in how your organization is managed. “Word on the street” weighs heavily in candidate decision making. Glassdoor and similar employee review and rating resources play into this as well. I cannot overemphasize how important it is to control the narrative.

In conclusion, when hiring be prepared with a powerful “compelling story” and be mindful of the importance of developing a foundation of values that supports attracting top talent. It makes all the difference!

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