Is Your Hiring Process Broken?

By Kevin Roth

If someone you hired is completely failing within their first week or two on the job, don’t just brush it off as a bad hire. Retrace the steps of your hiring process and fix the issue.

Are they not even close to the technical skills that you thought they had?
– Re-evaluate how you frame those questions on an interview.
– Add some sort of work sample/case study to the process.

Are they lacking the intangible qualities you expected?
– Have the final interview be a casual meeting offsite. Take them out of the interview element and get a better read on who they are as a person.

Are they not grasping the basic concepts of what you need done?
– Revisit how you pitch the role. Make sure you’re clearly defining the expectations of the position.

While there are absolutely situations in which candidates embellish experience in order to obtain a position, the onus is on the hiring team and your process itself to vet through that and make the right hire. If it’s apparent right from day 1 that this person isn’t going to work, the issue likely lies from within.

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