Did You Give Them A Chance?

By Kevin Roth

“He has the right skill set, but he didn’t show enough excitement or enthusiasm about this opportunity”

– How long were you with him for?

“About 20-30 minutes”

– What was most of the conversation about?

“I asked him a list of technical questions and a few about strengths/weaknesses and things like that”

– And at which point did you expect to see the excitement come out?


Don’t base a candidate’s interest in a role on how extroverted they were in an initial interview. Interviewing is a stressful process and most people are not themselves in that first go-around with a company.

If the skill set aligns and the inherent qualities that you want are there, give yourself an opportunity to get to know them better in a 2nd conversation. You’d be surprised by how drastically someone’s personality can change once they’re a bit more comfortable.

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