Remote Onboarding is Easier Than You Think

By Kevin Roth

Before you decide to on-board a new hire remotely, make sure you as a manager are prepared to put in the extra effort to ensure a comfortable transition.

In speaking with several candidates who have recently started new jobs remotely, the biggest concern and challenge with the ramp-up process has not been the accessibility of information, reachability of colleagues or the work itself. On the contrary, it is the self-doubt and feeling of failure that comes from not being able to make a strong first impression in the traditional visual sense.

The onus is on you as a hiring manger to over-communicate in the first few days and weeks to constantly reinforce positivity. Empathize with them, let them know you understand it’s not easy to start off remote. Make them comfortable that even though you can’t see them throughout the day, you know they’re working hard.

With all of the technology now available to stay connected, share screens, access systems, etc., the only thing that can truly devastate a remote on-boarding is a complete failure to communicate.

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