It’s Job Hunting Season

By Ai-Mei Zhu

Are you a skilled job hunter? Job hunting is just that, a skill and as with all skills, you want to make sure that you brush up on the latest and most effective techniques before entering (or re-entering) the market.

Historically, CareerBuilder and Monster were the go-to places to look for a job; one would simply post their resume and hope for the best! Fast forward to present day and job hunting looks very different. Technology has advanced tremendously and there are several more strategic approaches one can take to be successful in their search.


I cannot stress enough how important it is to network. Nowadays, it can be who you know rather than your credentials that lands you your dream job. Network with people in your industry; get your name out there. If you’ve already spoken to someone at the company, you have a better chance of landing an interview via referral than applying via ATS (sometimes referred to as a “black hole”) and waiting to hear back, or not at all.

Resume Writing

Even if you are not the best writer (I know I’m not), there are a few ways to spice up your resume!

  • If you are working with an Agency recruiter, lean on them for assistance! We look at hundreds of resumes a day and have an eye for this stuff. Ask for our help – a good recruiter will always go the extra mile!
  • Don’t be ashamed to use a resume writing service, especially if you are switching industries or taking a different career path.
  • Mirror your resume to the JD! Try to tailor your experience as close as you can to the responsibilities listed so you have a higher chance of landing an interview!

Use an Agency Recruiter

Yes, external recruiters sometimes have bad reputations, but there are also plenty of good ones out there who truly value the relationship versus “making a sale.” Also, different recruiters often have relationships with different companies so you may hear about more opportunities that way. However, always work a recruiter you trust, and one that is a specialist in your area.

Finally, following up should be your standard operating procedure. After applying for a role, look on LinkedIn to see who the hiring manger or recruiter is, and send a personal connection request with a tailored note to show them how interested you are. If it is a job on Indeed or elsewhere, do a little digging to find the hiring manager on LinkedIn.

There are plenty of resources at your fingertips. Update your techniques, and get hunting!

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