What Type of Job Searcher Are You?

By Sam Ghie

Job hunting (during COVID or otherwise) is strenuous and can sometimes leave you feeling defeated. Knowing what type of job searcher you are can provide you with helpful insight as to why you’ve been facing challenges in your search and how you can create a strategy that will work best for you. Regardless of the industry or type of position you’re looking for, there are three main categories of “searchers” people fall into – The Applier, The Networker, and The Procrastinator.

The Applier is someone who applies to all relevant positions in their field on LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. This person might review a job description with a fine-tooth comb before applying, but due to the volume of positions they applied to, end up forgetting about it until weeks have gone by.

The Networker is a person sees a position online and contacts HR directly, or they reach out to all their friends and family letting them know they’re on the hunt for something new. While this is a great way to be proactive, be careful of coming off too strong.

The Procrastinator is someone who knows they want to make a move, but also knows job hunting is incredibly time consuming. So, aside from the “easy apply” positions LinkedIn will send you, this person puts it off. Common reasons being the need to re-do their resume multiple times, saying they’ll really start to look tomorrow, or this weekend, or the weekend after that…while incredible opportunities pass them by.

The most successful searchers encompass a little bit of all of these! Be the Applier, but also make sure to follow-up with the Hiring Manager directly. They often receive hundreds of resumes a day (I once received 500 applications in one day), so it’s important make yourself stand out.

Networking is also an amazing way to find a position you may have never seen online. Your network can vouch for you throughout the process and potentially offer guidance along the way! Work with a recruiter who knows your field to present opportunities you might not hear about online or through your own network.

It’s even important to have a little procrastinator in you. Let the inner sloth remind you to take a step back every now and again. Treat it like an actual job – you can’t work 24/7 and you shouldn’t expect yourself to spend hours scouring the internet or interviewing all the time either. Stay organized with the companies you’re applying to, be proactive in your approach, and schedule time to rest and recharge.

Odds are, even if you’re not looking for a new position, you probably have a friend, colleague, or family member that is. Pass these tips along to them, and make sure to keep this in the back of your mind when the time comes for you to make a change.

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