Job Hunting Advice

 By Jules Ehrenberg

Congratulations to all the soon-to-be college graduates! I know that going into the job market in the midst of COVID-19 must be intimidating, so here is advice to help you make the best of our current situation.

Hiring is slow and recruiters may not have many positions. Take advantage of this time! Develop business relationships! Expand your LinkedIn connections and make your profile as detailed as possible. Update your resume, format it professionally. Reach out to college alumni, start dialogue with them. Ask them for guidance, tell them your career aspirations. Figure out what sets you apart from everyone else and connect with those similar to you.

Some industries may opt to bring people on board as temporary staff. Initially, this may be a wise strategy. Your goal is to get your foot in the door and once you do, bring your “A” game! Once you have a position, maximize your efforts along with demonstrating a stellar attitude. Make yourself invaluable! You may want to consider positions outside of your preferred industry. The wider you expand your job search, the more opportunities. Of course, you need the right background to be considered. Once the job market recovers, you can shift your focus back, or discover that you like the role you have. Good luck!