Employee Guilt During Covid-19

By Kevin Roth

“I want this job, but I would feel so terrible resigning from my company right now with everyone working remote. I can’t leave them in that position.”

Many people are battling this guilty feeling right now. On the surface, it appears you’re going to be delivering a crushing blow if you resign in the midst of this pandemic. Before you let that emotional reaction block you from making a valuable career move, think about the following:

It is going to be easier to find great candidates over the next few weeks than at any point over the last several years. Whereas several weeks ago it was nearly impossible to find talented people, there is now an ever-increasing number of highly capable professionals readily available due to layoffs and cut-backs.

Furthermore, many of the aforementioned candidates would be able to start immediately, which will drastically diminish the amount of time that they’d have to go without someone in your role.

Lastly, remember that this is business and not personal. Amazing employees are getting laid off right now due to no fault of their own because the business is struggling. Why should you then stop yourself from pursuing an opportunity if you’re unhappy where you are.

Don’t let guilt cost you a chance at a better career path.


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