Weighing Your Options During Covid-19

by Kevin Roth

“This opportunity seems perfect, but so many more companies are going to be hiring in a few months. Am I better off waiting to potentially find something even better once COVID winds down?”

Short answer: No

Long answer: No way

In all seriousness, if you have an opportunity that you love staring you in the face, don’t think too hard trying to find reasons to hold off.

Could something better come along in a few months when the economy is opening back up?

Of course, but that has nothing to do with COVID. There’s always going to be an opportunity cost in taking a new position, regardless of the current state of the economy. The grass is always greener on the other side, but if you let that logic drive you then you’ll be running in place for the rest of your career.

You ever wonder how game shows stay in business for so long? Aside from the advertising dollars, it’s because most people walk away with little to no money.


Because instead of taking the prize right in front of them, they always want to wait and see what’s next and before you know it, they’re walking home empty handed.

If you’re one of the lucky ones to find a dream opportunity right now, jump at it!


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