To the Furloughed Workers During Covid-19

by Kevin Roth

Furloughed workers are less happy and under more mental stress than those laid off. The logic is that people would rather know for certain that they’re fired as opposed to being left hanging.

We’ve all heard of friends with benefits. That rare opportunity to get all the fun perks of being in a steady relationship without any of the commitment of actually being in one.

Being on furlough vs laid off is the professional equivalent of friends with benefits. Consider yourself lucky and take advantage!

  1. You continue to receive benefits from your company while being legally prevented from having to do any work
  2. You’re fully eligible for unemployment (which right now is essentially double)
  3. You have the inside track of getting your job back if this turns around
  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY. You are not contractually obligated to stay with the company. Go out there and interview. If you find something better, take the job!

Don’t sit around wondering if you’re going to get rehired. You’re essentially unemployed so go find a job! While you’re looking, you just might get that magical call from your company to bring you back.