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The Harvard Business Review recently interviewed 58 CEOs in the healthcare sector, and the words they most used to describe the keys to their organizations’ futures: Change and innovation. What else could it be? As the healthcare system continues evolving and becomes more focused on delivering value, companies need to find new ways to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs. Innovation may be more important to this industry’s success than ever before—and marketers are not exempt from this challenge. Not only should they help find ways to provide more value to customers, but they must also continue to adapt to the ever-changing means by which people communicate. This requires new solutions, offerings and thinking that can solve the problems life science companies currently face—as well as problems they are sure to face right
around the corner.

We highlight these forward-thinkers in our third annual Innovations in Pharma Marketing special issue and provide a guide to the CompaniesDivisionsProductsPeopleServices and Strategies that can help create success in the New Year. Once again, our call for innovation did not go unheard. We were bombarded with remarkable submissions from across the industry. The following represent a select collection of today’s best industry innovations and innovators. These range from exciting new ways to speed up drug discovery and development to a platform that can revolutionize rare disease marketing. That’s just a taste! Between the 62 innovations/innovators in this issue and the directory of some of today’s most innovative companies, we believe you’ll find plenty of ideas to help make 2015
a great year.

Here are our picks for people. Visionary leaders, rainmakers, trendsetters and change-agents who ensure that the industry continues to move forward with new technologies, methods and strategies.

Matthew West has been a talent acquisition leader in the healthcare advertising industry for nearly two decades. Unlike other third-party recruiters, Matthew was actually born and bred in a pharma advertising agency in a non-HR role. But what really sets Matthew apart: His passion is people.

As a former account manager at McCann Regan Campbell Ward, Matthew is fluent in all therapeutic categories. And, having spent years as the agency’s Director of Talent Acquisition, he is attuned to the politics of the industry as well as the personalities of the agencies’ higher-ups. He takes the time to get to know everyone and has an uncanny ability to know where each talent would best be served.

Currently, Matthew is working on creating a proprietary screening tool that not only evaluates skill sets, but also hones in on personality traits that will ensure a better fit in a prospective organization. The goal: To increase retention and productivity. Matthew is truly the talent connector of the healthcare advertising industry. He can be reached at MWest@adviceny.com.

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